The Amazonic began when Antonio Teoli—an award-winning game composer and sound designer—lived in the Amazon for 4 years and fell in love with the culture and musicality.


In his pursuit for new sounds, Antonio found a vast number of unknown instruments in the Amazon jungle created by native people. Once discovered, he saw the opportunity to make those sounds, played by the indigenous, available to the world.


After 6 months of researching with the help of his new team, they recorded the first ever sample library recorded in the Amazon forest, AMA I, containing more than 100 native instruments that were carefully recorded, edited and mixed.

The unique tool they’ve created offers composers, producers and sound designers the opportunity to access and utilize these sounds and incorporate them into their own projects.

In addition, a portion of every purchase is given to the native people and animals of the Amazon to elevate their quality of life. A personalized video is created for each contribution, showing who specifically was helped by your purchase.


At the core of our essence, lies three main causes: to create inspiring tools for game and film composers, to inspire future generations to connect with their native roots and to support the Amazon forest and its people!




Business Development

Rocha Neto

Lead Developer

Carol zakime

Donations & Exportations

Antonio teoli

CEO & Founder


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