We don’t want you to "simply" experience the sounds from the Amazon, we want you to be a part of it! That's why we are the first music company to do something completely different... For every software purchased, 10 - 30% is donated to the musicians, native people and social causes in the Amazon Forest.

As soon as you purchase our product, we will forward the money to our partners in Manaus. Within a few weeks, you will receive a video showing exactly how your donation was used as well as a personalized thank you message recorded by those helped!


It will surely touch your heart <3


The Amazon is world's largest rainforest and it is also the ancestral home of 1 million natives divided into almost 400 tribes, each with its own culture and language.

While many natives are dying and entire tribes are facing the threat of annihilation, at The Amazonic and with your help, we will provide food, medicine and other necessities to make it easier for them to survive and raise their family.


The people of the Amazon are not the only ones who struggle to survive. There are thousands of animals who care for abandoned or mistreated living in shelters across the Amazon state. 


A large part of our profits are to buy food, medicine and support for these little angels as well.

We at The Amazonic are always connected to the Amazon and the challenges the people and animals face. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring where our donations will be best utilized.


We ensure that the donations are given to those causes most in need at the time of your purchase.


Become part of this movement <3


If you would simply like to donate to support this movement, we are accepting any amount in contributions!

If you donate more than USD 99,00 you will also receive a special Thank You video from the ones you helped!

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