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You Buy. We Donate. You Receive It Back

For every software purchased, 30% will be donated to the musicians, social causes, natives, animal shelters, people affected by the COVID-19 and many more.

As part of the magical experience we want create for everyone, as soon one purchase our software, we will forward the money to our partners in Manaus and, in a few weeks, one will receive a video during the donation moment and thank you message recorded by those helped recorded especially for you!


It will be impossible for you not to get emotional <3


Animal Shelters


Amazonian Tribes


Many Causes


Hear from Them


Contribute and support

If you would like to support this movement, we are accepting donations that will be used to help animal shelters, natives from the Amazon forest, people affected by COVID-19 and more.

Donate more than USD 99,00 to receive a special Thank You video from the ones you helped!

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