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The world was created from beautiful melodies which lies within nature’s depths. In order to achieve self awareness and to connect with their gods, our ancestors sought to replicate the sounds of nature.


Those sounds were also used to survive in the wild, hostile environment. Nature’s mystical essence and those mysterious, magical sounds have been lost over time…


Until today!


Discover the unique and special musical instruments handcrafted by the people from the Amazonian community exclusively for you.


We guarantee that you won’t believe your ears after listening to those instruments live.


Check our catalog and see how your purchases will save lives.

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Get Involved

We "see" music as part of a spiritual journey and we see the world as part of our spiritual mission.

Our goal goes beyond providing amazing tools for composers.


We invite you all to join us and to become part of a movement that will provide sustainability for a beautiful and wonderful ecosystem.

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I’ve heard that new species of animals are discovered in the Amazon every week. The Amazonic AMA I has me discovering new species of music every time I use another new instrument in a project.

The sounds themselves have many exclusive tribal characteristics while the grooves have a unique personality that I can only describe as an understated funky swing.


There’s nothing else quite like it.

—  Gerard Marino, Game Composer

"We, at The Amazonic, are a very small but passionate team who wants to create beautiful virtual instruments at the same time we help the ones in need around the globe. Join us on this magical and musical journey!"

- Antonio Teoli -

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