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Tambor D'Agua
  • Tambor D'Agua



    This heavy water drum is composed of a wood rarely found in the world. 

    It takes 1 month to be create this piece and it's sound is very unique!


    The creator is Joao Paulo, born and raised in the Amazon.


    Learn more about on our Get Involved section.




    20% of the profit will be destinated to help the ones who lives in the cities and tribes around the state of Amazonas.

    With your contribution, we will buy medicines, food and clothes, send you a picture of the receipt and deliver these directly to the institutions.

    As soon as they receive these items, a thank you video will be recorded especially for you and digitally delivered by us.




    With the purchase of this item, you will receive a code with 30% OFF to redeem in the purchase of one of our digital libraries.

    • Return policy

      Because this is a product that will be created exclusively for you, we cannot accept returns unless the item arrived broken or damaged.

    • Dimensions

      Support Height: 5,6 in

      Support Diameter: 12 in

      Instrument Height: 6 in

      Intrument Diameter: 14 in

      *Approximate measurements since the size may vary according to the raw material collected

    • Time to craft this item

      3 to 4 weeks